The Calvary Institute Apprenticeship Program is an intensive 24 month program designed to equip and send future ministry leaders to help start and serve healthy local churches. Throughout the program, apprentices will be provided opportunities for hands-on ministry experience, intentional mentoring, and ongoing training.

The goal of the Apprenticeship Program is to help men and women develop a Kingdom framework for ministry and missions along with the skills needed to serve and lead in all church contexts – church campuses, international church planting movements, church revitalizations, and church plants throughout the United States.


Applicants should first and foremost possess a strong passion for reaching the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and a commitment to being sent to make disciples.  Building upon that foundation, apprentices will work full-time alongside Calvary staff in personalized training environments to help ensure they reach their ministry goals and fulfill their calling. 

Apprentices will:

  • Develop a customized job description and personal goals for their time in the program alongside their staff mentor
  • Participate in Calvary staff meetings and retreats
  • Complete Calvary’s Sending Pipeline training
  • Participate in the Apprenticeship Cohort to further develop theological understanding and learn best practices for missions and ministry
  • Spend time with experts from a variety of missions and ministry fields
  • Lead various aspects of the ministry focus area of their choosing after a period of training and observation
  • Participate in a four-month practicum through Calvary’s network of churches stateside or internationally
  • Choose from continuing education curricula and provide reports to the Apprenticeship Cohort
  • Complete any applicable NAMB and IMB training modules
  • Work alongside church staff and leaders to identify needs and strategize, develop, and implement solutions


What are the program requirements?

Program participants must be college graduates with long-term vocational or co-vocational ministry goals.

How are apprentices mentored and discipled?

Apprentices will be discipled by their mentor in their desired area of ministry focus.  Apprenticeship mentoring and discipleship is not designed to make you simply better at their job – but is provided to help foster holistic development in the areas of spiritual, personal, and professional growth. 

Additionally, you will participate in and lead discipleship groups utilizing Calvary’s discipleship strategy (Disciple Maker) that includes easily reproducible tools applicable in all church contexts.

How long is the program?

The Apprenticeship Program is designed to provide you with two years of experience, discipleship, and skill development before being sent to help start or serve a church. 

What areas of ministry can I focus on in the program?

Calvary Apprentices can choose from the following areas of focus:

√ Pastoral Apprenticeship

√ Worship Apprenticeship

√ Church Revitalization Apprenticeship

√ International Church Planting Apprenticeship

√ Adult Discipleship Apprenticeship

√ National Church Planting Apprenticeship

√ Community Engagement Apprenticeship

√ Student Ministry Apprenticeship

For questions about areas not listed please contact the Pastor of International Missions

Can I choose my area of focus?

Yes. Apprentices can choose their area of focus. Our goal is to work with Apprentices to help them realize their calling and provide them opportunities to refine skills in their desired area of ministry.

Is housing provided?

No. Housing is not provided.

What is the weekly time commitment?

The Apprenticeship Program is a full-time program that will provide you with 40 hours of training, discipleship, and experience every week.  Due to the nature of the program and the weekly time commitment, it is highly discouraged you hold outside employment.

When does the program start?

Monday, September 13, 2021

Are apprentices compensated?

Apprentices are required to raise funds for the total cost of their employment and program fees.  Calvary partners with Reliant to provide full support raising training.  We are committed to working with participants to provide a customized budget and support to ensure you reach your fundraising goals.

Is seminary credit available?

Calvary partners with Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary to provide seminary credit hours to participants also enrolled at SBTS.  Please contact SBTS for applicable tuition and fees.

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Applications must be completed and received by Wednesday, August 31, 2021.

Still have questions? Contact Pastor of International Missions.

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