In Jesus’ final moments on this earth, He gave His followers a mission. Go and make disciples. This command was accompanied by a promise. Jesus assured His followers that no matter where they went He would be with them. He then strategically sent them out from Jerusalem as far east as India and as far west as Spain. He sent them out to cross racial, cultural, and ethnic boundaries. He sent them out to their neighborhoods. He sent them out to reach their families with the hope found in the Gospel.

John gives a picture in Revelation of what it will look like when the mission is complete. Imagine standing before Jesus on His throne, together with a vast crowd, too great to count, from every nation, tribe, people, and language praising our King.

God’s plan is for you to participate in this mission. Just like He sent His followers some two thousand years ago He is sending you. To your school, your neighborhood, your job, your family to bear witness to the Gospel and make disciples. You are His “Plan A”. There is no “Plan B”. And the mission is not yet complete. So how do we start?

DISCIPLE MAKER is a collection of 4 simple tools to help followers of Jesus:

  • Identify and pray for people in their social networks in need of the Gospel
  • Share the Gospel with confidence
  • Study and apply God’s word for themselves
  • Equip and send healthy disciples who make disciples.

Tool 1

Oikos Map

Tool 2

3 Circles

Tool 3


Tool 4


Making disciples is simple but it is not easy. In 1 Thessalonians 2:8 Paul shares, “We loved you so much that we shared with you not only God’s Good News but our own lives, too.” It is about doing life together, not simply a transfer of information. Making disciples requires sacrifice, commitment, and selflessness. But don’t all good and worthwhile things? And isn’t Jesus worth it?


Disciple Maker is a 4-week class designed to equip believers with simple, reproducible tools to make disciples. 

Week 1

Participants will learn 4 tools effective enough to catalyze disciple-making movements yet simple enough to teach children. 

Week 2

Starting in Acts 1, participants will study Jesus’ final words to His disciples and see how the Holy Spirit ignited a movement through their faithful witness. 

Class facilitators will incorporate Disciple Maker tools and model for participants how to use the tools in weekly discipleship groups.   

Week 3

Acts 4

Week 4

Acts 16

If you are interested in leading a Disciple Maker group or are simply interested in learning more about what it means to make disciples join us at an upcoming class.


For more information, email Paul Colton – pcolton@calvary.us